Everything You Need to Know about Pool Sand Filters

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Pool sand filters and kidneys play similar roles; they both purify and help keep your pool and body healthy. While you can also use chlorine and other useful chemicals to destroy the impurities in your swimming pool, the filter removes them from water efficiently and appropriately. Your pool’s debris would be filled with lots of pollutants if you wouldn’t filter the pool water.

It is, at this moment, critical to have a pool sand filter if you want to keep your pool clean and safe for use. Most importantly, sand filters are among the top filters to use in cleaning your pool. These pool filters are packed with sand. However, you cannot use ordinary sand for your filter since it requires specially graded sand to filter out the debris’s contaminants appropriately.

The incredible thing about the sand filters is that they require low maintenance costs. The dirty it is, the more particles it can easily trap. As much as you want it to be dirtier to hold even more impurities, it is also necessary to keep it a little cleaner but not entirely clean.

Keep reading to learn more about the pool sand filters:

The advantage of using sand filters over other filters

There are differences between the different types of filters. We will look at the various pros of pool sand filters over the other types of filters.

Sand filter vs. Cartridge Filter

You will require less effort when using cartridge filters, 1-3 hours cleaning. However, washing these filters involves hosing and chemical soaking. The fact that the cartridge filters are prone to leakage is a powerful reason you should consider using pool sand filters to filter your pool water.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your pool, then selecting sand filters would a perfect idea.

Sand Filter vs DE filter

However, efficient and effective DE filters are at trapping most of the particles, mainly 3-5 size microns, using them requires a lot of effort. It would be best if you did immense internal assembling before cleaning them, which is a laborious process. The DE filters must be sprayed, and most of the chemicals used can be very irritating. It needs to be done at least 2-3 times every year.

On the other hand, pool sand filters require every few years’ washing, which doesn’t cost you much to maintain them.

Issues associated with pool sand filters

The chemicals your sand filters out of your pool cause the clumping-up-of sand inside your filter. It’s one of the issues associated with sand filters. While it doesn’t wholly work, putting tennis balls in your pool often eliminates much of the problem.

Usually, the sand is not evenly distributed in the filter paper allowing water to pass through easily whenever it happens.

Maintenance of sand filters

Sand filters are relatively cheap to maintain. The only time you need to do this is when the pressure gauge hits 8-10 pounds of pressure. So, it would be paramount to backwash any dirt in the filter for it to work effectively. It would help if you did this every 1-2 months, but it depends on your pool’s state and surroundings.

Cartridge filters and DE filters require massive effort to work with them. The sand in the pool sand filters’ efficiency declines gradually, and the only time to replace the sand is after about 5-7 years. How often you backwash your sand filter is the easiest way to notice that the sand needs changing. If you start cleaning it more often than not, then the filter’s efficiency decreases, and you need to change the sand.

Lack of Proper Pool Equipment

If you have a fragile pool system or the wrong equipment, for instance, a weak pump, your pool water will be dirty. However, you will spend a lot of money on a powerful pump and electricity. Besides, a vast pool deteriorates the sand in your filter since the water is siphoned faster to your pump, enabling water to flow uninterrupted all over your pump. The water rushing out of the pump will quickly wear down the sand in your filter, resulting in more maintenance charges.

Your pool needs the perfect filter to keep it clean and safe with routine pool maintenance. We’ve shown why a pool sand filter is the best option for your swimming pool in our post. With a clean pool and conducive environment, your sand filters will serve you for such a long time.