With Spring just around the corner, Summer is rapidly approaching, and like many of us, you’re probably considering adding a pool to your backyard. Planning a pool for your backyard can be exciting, but there are a few important things to keep in mind while you’re planning.

Safety First

Safety should be your primary concern when pool planning. Whether you have kids or pets, you want them to be safe. Even if you don’t have either, you should still be concerned with the safety of children and pets in your neighborhood. If someone were to drown in your pool, then their loved ones could file a negligence lawsuit against you. And if they find that you didn’t follow proper safety guidelines, then you could be held responsible. So, make sure that you take the time to ensure that you are following all necessary safety guidelines to protect yourself and others from a potential accident.

Allow for Proper Time

Once you do complete your planning and installation begins, keep in mind that this process takes time. An above-ground pool may only take hours or a few days, and in-ground pools can take up to a few months. Just like any construction, this can be delayed based on the weather too. So, be sure to allow plenty of time for pool installation and expectations.

As Summer approaches, pool installation companies will get busier. Once you have made your decision about your pool choice, remember pool companies may not be able to start your project right away.  As it gets closer to Summer, it’s not uncommon for pool companies to have a waitlist for customers who are trying to get their pool installed before it gets warm.

Choose Your Pool Size/Type

Before you move forward with your pool build, make sure you choose the type of pool that you want. Above-ground pools are generally cheaper but don’t hold up well, and in-ground pools will take longer to build, last for many years, and obviously cost more. So, it really depends on your preference and how much you want to spend.

It’s also important to have a size in mind and how much space you have in your backyard. You may not want a pool to take up your entire backyard. Also, consider what shape and pool design as well as features you’d like your pool to have. The shape of your swimming pool, done correctly, can be an asset to your backyard oasis. Adding unique shapes can make room for furniture, storage, or even a grill. So, always keep in mind the other things you may want to add to your yard over time.

Extra Pool Costs

There are quite a few costs after pool installation that you will be facing for a while. The price really depends on the size of the pool and your preferences. Here are some extra costs to plan for.


You’ll need plenty of equipment for pool upkeep. Some of the most important things that you’ll need include test strips, pool shock, skimmer, filter cleaner and an algae brush, just to name a few. And this doesn’t even include extras like pool toys, floating devices, ladders or lights. Keep these in mind when getting a new pool. You want to make sure that you can afford the equipment long-term. Otherwise, you’ll just have a hole in the backyard until you can afford all the necessary care.


Yes, having a pool means that your bills will go up. Your water bill could skyrocket if you choose to fill your own pool. Also, having a pool can make your home owner’s insurance a lot more expensive because they are a safety hazard. Too many accidents can happen with outdoor pools, and that makes insurance companies hesitant to cover them without raising your rate. Pools use a lot of electricity as well with pumps and lights, and if you decide to get a heated pool, then you’ll be paying even more for electricity bills during the cooler months.

Pool Maintenance

It’s important to consider long-term maintenance for your pool. Parts of your pool will eventually need to be updated or replaced. Pool liners generally need to be replaced every 5-10 years. If your pool has painted concrete, then you’ll need a new coating every 5 years or so. Always check out the individual products you are planning to use and see what the upkeep will cost you. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing these things for a while, but they may all need to be replaced or fixed in the same year. So, make sure you’re saving up money for pool maintenance.

Opening and Closing

Opening and closing your pool can be a task alone, but many people choose to have a professional take care of it. If you can’t afford to set aside time to get it done, then hiring a professional would be best. You can have them take care of everything, but this is another expense for which you need to set aside money. They can even store your pool cover for you, but again, not for free.

It can take a lot of preparation when planning a pool for your backyard, but if you put in the time and effort, it will be worth it. Pool planning can save you money in the future, but it’s important that you follow these steps first to ensure that you are ready to go when it’s time to get your pool installed. Remember to take your time when planning your pool because it’s going to be difficult and costly to make size or shape changes when it’s done.