Pool Cleaning Service: Do I Really Need Weekly Pool Cleaning?

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments


A pool has always been a fantastic feature in any residential property. It improves not only the appearance of the home but also its value. However, for the pool to remain this good and serve its purpose adequately, you ought to take care of it through regular maintenance.

Most homeowners do not know how to take care of their pool and if you are one such people, just know you are not weird or lazy. There is a solution for you. Look for pool cleaning service, and they will help you maintain cleanliness and good condition of your pool. The question is, how often should you clean your pool?

It is always great to be able to jump into your pool any time of the day or night. Well, this might not be possible if your pool is dirty. Therefore, in case you are asking yourself whether cleaning your pool weekly is a good option or not, just know that you need it. Here are the benefits you will earn from weekly pool cleaning and maintenance.

1. The Pool Maintains Its Appearance

Some people may feel like it is too much work to clean their pool every week. But who wants to dive in a pool that is full of fungus, grime, and other types of dirt? Look for pool service if you have a busy schedule at work or with kids. These professionals will remove leaves, debris, and all other particles fallen in the pool. Remember, a swimming pool looks impressive when the water in it is crystal clear.

Weekly maintenance also helps in balancing the PH level of the water, which means that bacteria have no chance of multiplying or spreading inside the pool. When dirt is removed both inside and around the swimming pool, it gives your backyard a fantastic appeal. It will attract you, your family, and visitors from afar. Imagine if you did this maintenance once in a month — the dirt will have accumulated making it unattractive even to look, leave alone diving.

2. It Increases the Lifespan of the Pool

We can all agree that anything that is regularly inspected and maintained retains its good condition. A pool is not an exemption. You need to take care of your pool, for it to serve you longer and in the right way. For instance, if you take too long to clean it up, some dirt particles such as stones or construction wires might accumulate and clog the water circulation system. Cleaning your pool requires you to thoroughly skim the water surfaces, brush the walls, scrub the tile line, and clean-up all your equipment. Clean equipment does a better job than dirty ones.

If you consider pool cleaning service, you will be lucky to get other services such as ensuring that every component and part of the pool is in good condition and working correctly. In case they notice something wrong, you will go for repairs early enough and protect more significant problems in the future. Therefore, unless you are an expert in pool maintenance, cleaning your pool by yourself may hider you from cleaning it properly, or identifying an existing problem. This may mean double-trouble in the future.

3. Weekly Cleaning Saves Your Money

Imagine neglecting your pool for a month or so, only to find that some of its parts are no longer working correctly. It means you will be forced to replace some things that you could have only repaired if you noticed early enough. For instance, motors used in the filters and pumps might burn out too soon, simply because you overlooked regular maintenance routines.

Another way you will save money is by going for professional pool service because they use the right equipment and skills. You might think that you are saving money by cleaning your pool by yourself, but you might end up causing an expensive mess. The good thing is that some of these service providers may offer you a cleaning service package that is more economical.

4. Prevents Health Issues

If you do not clean your pool regularly, you are risking the health of those who use it. By cleaning the pool weekly, you regulate the PH level of the water while removing dirt and chemicals that may cause harm to the body. Dirty water may irritate your skin as well, and it wouldn’t be comfortable for you or anyone else affected.

Working closely with a pool cleaning service will help you kill all detrimental bacteria and ensure that every pool user is safe from harm. They also use the right equipment and cleaning products, which you might not know how to use as a homeowner. Similarly, a weekly pool cleaning routine ensures that water is circulating correctly, and it remains fresh from the treatment.


If you want to enjoy jumping into your pool every day, commit yourself to take good care of it. Weekly cleaning services is not too much when you consider the benefits you get from this maintenance routine. You will be glad you did it.