If you are looking for a way to improve your swimming pool, then you may want to consider doing some swimming pool renovations. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide what is best for your needs. Luckily, Clear Water Pools has the perfect solution! We offer solutions that you could ever need such as waterfalls and slides. This article gives you some new pool renovation ideas with ten unique things you can do to improve the look of your pool!

1. Changes to the shape of the pool

There are many ways to add curves to a rectangle pool, some easier to accomplish than others. Extending pools on one end in order to make them longer, or extending swim lanes is another option. Anything is possible, though some are a lot easier to accomplish than others.

2. Add a Spa to your Pool

My favorite type of inground pool renovation is to add a roto-molded spa right next to the pool so that it runs into the pool. This type of spa installs directly on the pool deck, keeping the pool deck cleaner and is difficult to cover.

3. Pool deck resurfacing

Pool builders are more frequently using paver designs than broom-finished concrete. Paver designs are available at a cost comparable to concrete.  There are also StampCrete decks where patterns and designs are stamped into new concrete and outdoor tiles. Flagstone decks are also popular.

Besides the replacement of the pool deck, the process of redoing the pool coping is possible as well. Vinyl pools can now be used in the same way concrete pools are. There are also cantilevered decks that “float” over the pool wall, so that the deck and coping are one piece.

In the case of existing concrete decks, pool deck coatings can be a beautiful, albeit temporary facelift, while spray-on cement surfaces will add a textured, colored finish similar to the finish on a Kool Deck.

4. Lighting for Pools – LED

In recent years, underwater lighting has moved on from incandescent to LEDs. Ten years ago, Halogen and Fiber Optic lighting was popular, but nowadays, LED lighting is the way to go. A pair of LED pool lights can give your pool water a deep shade. Adding a second LED lamp through your pool wall can really make a statement.

5. Pool fire features

Your pool is probably surrounded by stone, wood, and maybe even glass. Why not add fire to the mix? The ambiance created by the Tiki Torches, Fire Pits, and Fire Bowls will take your evening swims into a new dimension. When you add fire elements around your pool, you’ll see how your guests will be drawn in.

6. Pool Water Features

Adding the sound of water to your pool is a great way to boost its ambiance level. You can add it through laminar deck jets, sheet waterfalls, and cascades over boulders that might be built into one side or mound of boulders around your pool. Well thought out water features will blend into the overall surroundings, whether elegant and refined or wild and natural.

7. New Vinyl Liner for your Pool

Inground pool renovation ideas include replacing outdated vinyl pool liners with new ones that look fresh and new.  Installing a vinyl liner in an inground pool usually only takes a day. View the inside of the pool carefully for any rust or damage while the liner is out.

8. Add a Pool Slide

It’s no secret that slides have become more popular than ever. Swimming pool slides are just a little taste of what’s available for backyard pools. If you want that water park feel, installing a pool slide can be the perfect weekend project. 

Take a look at the slide installation guide to determine how much deck space is required for the slide. Some slides require a lot of deck space and have a specific water depth, usually around 42 inches.

9. Convert Sanitizer System to Salt

Salt chlorine generators, like the ones in most new pools in the U.S. today, generate chlorine through hydrolysis, when added to the pool water. 

Other devices worth mentioning include Nature2 purifiers with trace minerals that will cut your chlorine consumption in half and Ozonators which are designed to disinfect water with oxygen and reduce chlorine usage.

10. New Pump and Filter

Chances are when your filter and pump are 20 years old, they’re either a little beyond their useful life, or they have undersized, or they’re inefficient.  Pumps with variable-speed or dual speed save energy, while cartridge pool filters reduce water use. Heat Pumps have zero emissions and do not burn fossil fuels.

The valves are typically replaced during a pool renovation. Nowadays 3-way valves are standard. They simplify plumbing and are more easily handled than 2-way ball valves.


Swimming pool renovations that scale up to the above examples are affordable and add value to any home. Why not renovate and remodel your pool the way you want to? Contact Clear Water Pools for a free estimate today.