What Are the Top Health Benefits of Swimming?

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What Are the Top Health Benefits of Swimming?

Swimmers tend to have some of the best bodies. Not only do they look good on the outside, but they have some amazing insides, too. This is thanks to the amazing swimming benefits. You are exercising a number of different areas of your body all at one time, offering a full body workout. Here are some of the health benefits of swimming.

1. Lose Weight

One of the main reasons that many people hit the pool and swim laps is to lose weight. It burns calories faster than most other exercises. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Builds Strength

It’s not enough to lose fat. You also want to add muscle. You need to use a lot of muscles when you swim, so you will make your abs, legs, and core stronger at the same time. That’s more productive than arm day one day and leg day another day.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

When you have high blood pressure, your heart may have to work harder. When you put your heart through difficult cardiovascular activity, your blood pressure will get lower.

4. Improved Breathing

It’s important to have strong lungs. We obviously can’t breathe in water, so swimming helps people learn to breathe more effectively. Soon, you will be able to hold your breath for way longer than you were able to before. Swimming also doesn’t bother people with breathing problems, such as asthma. This means it’s less likely a person will experience an attack.

5. Improved Flexibility

Swimming forces you to move your arms and your legs quite a bit. You may also need to turn your torso in different ways. You’ll improve your flexibility. Incorporate yoga to your workout routine to really make a difference.

6. Relaxation

While you will be working very hard when you swim, you will also get the opportunity to relax your mind. While you’re swimming you can think about anything that comes into your head. While you get these thoughts out, you will feel emotionally lighter. You may even be able to fall asleep better.

7. Limited Impact on the Body

When you run or work out on exercise machines, your body suffers a level of trauma. Luckily, the water lessens the impact. Your body won’t end up as sore as it will get from other exercise.

8. Increase Energy

Swimming is a great way to start the day since it helps increase your energy. When you go through such a rigorous workout, your body braces itself to handle more throughout the day. It will activate hormones and other positive materials inside your body that will give you more energy.

If you are looking to accomplish health goals, swimming is a great way to accomplish this. There are a number of swimming benefits. You will start to notice the health benefits of swimming in just a couple of weeks of regularly hitting the laps at the gym. This is a really great reason to have your own pool in your backyard.  Contact Clearwater Pools of Atlanta for a free quote. Be sure to check out some of our pool designs to help you with backyard escape ideas today.