Best Backyard Oasis Ideas with Pool

A pool takes center stage, with the landscaping creating the scenery. Planning a pool for your backyard can turn it from a great space into something you will really enjoy. These backyard oasis ideas with pool will help you create a show-stopping pool experience.

Pick a Theme

You’re only limited by your imagination… and your geography when it comes to picking a landscaping theme or style.

If a tropical paradise is what you strive for, you can still achieve it even in Georgia. It is best to choose trees that will thrive in your region, as some areas of Georgia are warmer than others, so you should choose varieties that are best suited for your landscaping project. Any trees you purchase are sure to be beautiful and suitable to your environment.

You may add other elements that scream tropical, like tiki torches or hammocks. You can create an elegant spa-inspired atmosphere, or a serene Grecian-inspired décor by selecting appropriate materials and plants for your climate zone.

Distinguish Areas

You use every room in your house for certain activities: The kitchen is for cooking and the bedroom is for sleeping. Do the same with your backyard and landscape around the pool. Determine what activities you will be performing there, such as lounging or entertaining. You may have the option of building an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the pool, but the lounge chairs may be located further away from the pool.

Consider various materials for the different areas. If you have a concrete pool, put patio pavers or tile in the outdoor kitchen and dining area. Or you can use stone for walkways and retaining walls, but choose another material for the deck. Your family, friends, and guests will be able to understand clearly which areas do what.

How will you surround your pool? Would you like a concrete patio or wooden deck to give it a resort-like feel? Will you use paths, stone walls, hedges, or flower beds to further define the areas? You might also consider patio pavers or flagstone.

Go Green

Studies show getting outside in nature reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. You can turn your backyard pool into a calm oasis with lots of green.

A good choice if you want to spend more time in your pool, rather than do yard work around it, is to choose native plants. Since native plants are already accustomed to your soil, they require less water and attention, so you have more time to enjoy the pool.

Maintaining your pool doesn’t have to be hard work. Just follow these simple tips and it will take you less time and energy. Keep foliage and plants four feet apart, to help prevent debris and dirt from being washed into your pool..

  • Be sure to leave enough space around the pool and for walking to and from the house.
  • Planting plants too close to a pool could lead to costly repairs in the next few years.
  • When choosing plants for poolside areas, think about your courtyard as a microenvironment that has a little higher humidity.
  • You need to stay away from trees which produce flowers such as crabapple, crape myrtle, or magnolia. In the summer, the blossoms could be, well, messy. During the autumn, autumn leaves can litter the pool.

Light Up The Space

Lights are essential to making your pool enjoyable at night. You have several options, from Edison lights strung near the pool to dramatic highlighting of trees and tall plants. Neon-colored LED lighting in the pool sets the mood.

 As a lighting source, a fire pit is great for adding to your pool’s ambiance. It can also extend pool season into the fall by providing heat.


Making your oasis a reality takes some time.  Develop an itinerary of when and how you’re going to accomplish everything. Take notes of design elements you like, and make lists of the stuff you need.

Making your pool the centerpiece of your landscaping is not as simple as some may think. Take it one step at a time, and these tips will make you and your guests take notice.

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