What are Infinity Edge Pools And Why Are The Designs So Popular?

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Infinity edge pools have become quite popular in recent years, and homeowners in the Atlanta Metro area have been interested in having one of their own. There’s a lot that you should know before you go out and have one installed.

To start off, you might be wondering what infinity pools actually are. Simply put, these pools are designed to play a trick on your eyes by showing an edge that seems to disappear into the horizon. The illusion makes it seem like there’s no barrier between the pool and the surrounding space.

The designs of these pools are similar to how water goes over a waterfall. You don’t see the waterfall if you’re watching water at the top of it, and you don’t see the lower section of an infinity pool while you’re in it. That lower section acts like an overflow dam, and water goes down from the top into a lower catchment basin. A pump and filter are installed in the lower basin. These allow the clean water to circulate back into the main pool.

Despite what your eyes may tell you, the pool’s edge is just like that of any other pool except for a small dip in the middle of it. This allows the water to flow over into the lower basin for re-circulation. To create the illusion of a disappearing edge, we don’t add any visible caps, such as pavers or decking, to the edge.

Fortunately, infinity pools are safer than the illusion might suggest. If you swim up to the edge, you’ll find a clear wall that’s high enough to keep anyone from going over the edge even if they were to try it. We can design these walls to be as high as you need them to be.

Like any in-ground pool, an infinity pool can be quite a beautiful addition to any home in the Metro Atlanta area. This is especially true if you have the right backdrop for your pool to sit on.

Most experts agree that these pools work best if your property has a significant drop-off on the side of a hill or even a mountain. Other times, these pools can be installed on a roof if the roof is strong enough to hold the water. If you have neither of these, don’t worry. These pools can work just as well on flat land, but you may need to dig a little further to allow the water to overflow properly. No matter where you install it, it will make a stunning addition to your backyard.

There are other practical concerns that come with infinity edge pools. To ensure that the water is flowing in the right direction, you’ll need to have a vacuum basin installed. You’ll also need a special filtration system on top of the regular one. This second system will keep bugs, leaves and other debris on the edge of the pool from getting into your water.

The trademark vanishing edge can be quite expensive. It can add as much as 30% on to your initial cost, and if you want a second edge, you’ll have to pay even more. All told, the average cost per square foot is $80, and the total cost will range between $55-130,000. The average cost is $79,000 according to Home Advisor.

On top of the additional cost, there’s additional pool maintenance to consider. You’ll have to clean the catchment basin just like the rest of your pool. If you don’t keep an eye on the filter, it can get clogged and stop water circulation. The same thing can happen if you don’t keep your water pump in top condition. Another thing to remember is that your water is likely to evaporate faster since it’s going into the shallower catchment basin before re-circulation. This means you may need to refill your pool more often.

The beauty of infinity pools is what makes them so popular, and Clear Water Pools can help you make one of these pools your own. We can let you know just how much time and money you’ll need to invest on this project, and we’ll make sure that it’s completed to your specifications. As home and land values in Metro Atlanta go up, the price of one of these pools will do the same, so contact us today to get your pool in time for summer.